Mole Two Ways July 24

Mole is one of Mexico’s most important ancestral celebration dishes. Chef Flor Franco will be sharing her cultural heritage and Mole recipes in a rare, exciting class and intriguing taste experience!

“Mole” comes from the Nahuatl word “molli” which means a mixture, a concoction, a sauce. Served in every region of Mexico, this ancient festive dish is lovingly made with toasted, ground chilies, spices, seeds, nuts, tortillas and, yes, even a bit of chocolate or cacao beans. Come learn how to make this traditional dish two ways. Learn the history of Moles and various types of Moles from different regions.

Then, we’ll welcome special guest chefs, Isabel Cruz and Christine Rivera and let the celebration begin! A spirited Shrimp Ceviche appetizer by Chef Isabel Cruz sets the stage for Chef Flor’s Mole Verde and Mole Coloradito, rice, beans and handmade tortillas, followed by Chef Christina Rivera’s luscious surprise dessert.

Paired with this feast will be an adventurous tasting of tequila, mezcal and Baja wine.

Come spend a very special evening with Les Dames and Chef-Dame Flor Franco. A native of Veracruz, Flor will amaze and engage you with her cultural knowledge, professional technique and personal warmth. You won’t want to miss this rich culinary experience of Mole Two Ways!